"The Devastators" is one of the two teams in the Sci-Fi RPG.

Main Colony: Anzu VII

Lead Ship: The Pulsar

Space Station: Stilgar


The Devastators are very clever and cunning. They believe that you can only win if you have power. They sometimes "Devastate" inhabitable planets until there is no life left on them. Although a bit violent, there is one thing you should know: They will never break their own word. In other words, if they swear to do something, they will do it. Their worst enemy is The Dauntless.

History And PresentEdit

The idea that eventually led to the creaiton of The Devastators was created in the mines located in The Luminous Mountains of 8372 Crucis IV. That idea eventually let to the creation of the colony on Anzu VII and the building of the station Stilgar in the orbit of the previously mentioned planet. In the beginning, there were only four members of the cunning group. Now, there are thousands of members. Most members live either on Anzu VII or on Stilgar.

All characters who wish to join this group should contact a GM.

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