"The Dauntless" is one of the two teams in Sci-Fi RPG.

Main Colony: Alkonost Prime

Lead Ship: The Illusion


The Dauntless are very cautious, yet cunning at the same time. They are great planners and always seem to make good plans. That doesn't mean that they don't have any weaknesses though! Their worst enemy is The Devastators.

History And PresentEdit

The Dauntless were first created as a resistance force against the Crucis System Mining Clan (CSMC), after the latter company began to force people to work in the mines located in The Luminous Mountains of 8372 Crucis IV. After The Dauntless overthrew the CSMC, they found that The Devastators had begun building a fleet. They decided to stay around for a while, and build a fleet of their own. After finding the uninhabited Alkonost Prime to use as a base and living quarters, they began building The Illusion and other ships in the fleet.

All chatacters wishing to join this team should contact a GM.

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