Anzu VII is the home planet of The Devastators.


Anzu VII has many lush forests and tall mountain ranges. There are no seas, yet many lakes and ponds. Rivers and streams can be found almost everywhere. All water in Anzu VII is freshwater.


It's atmosphere is made up of mostly oxygen, yet most people live in colonies because of the dangerous animals that roam in the forests. (See Life-forms) There are two moons orbiting the planet, Ashima and Bothodi.


There are many types of animals and plants on Anzu VII. Some of the animals are dangerous. Many people live in secured colonies to be safe from the dangerous animals. One of the dangerous animals is the Ancalagon , it is like a gigantic bear with alligator teeth. Another is the Vasuling , it is a large bug whose stings can be lethal. There are also many carnivorous plants on Anzu VII, some of which can eat humans.

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